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AIMMS policies include to serve the professional adults through competency based certifications. AIMMS is not providing its own certificates. It has awarded certificates from SDC and TTB Kp during 2011 to 2014 from TTB. Important Announcement: It has come into notice of AIMMS that some persons are involved in issuing fake certificates on the name of AIMMS from SDC and TTB. AIMMS disowns all such certificates and has the right to lodge reports to the police for such fake activities. MD AIMMS Gohar Zaman

Public Notice
It has come into knowledge of the management of AIMMS that certain agents are releasing diplomas using name of AIMMS. It is to remind that AIMMS was affiliated with ttb kp till 2015 for competency certificates.
In any case with out verification of a certificate on the AIMMS website is / are considered to be fake and disowned by AIMMS in what so ever.
Management of AIMMS reserves the right to hand over such agents who are involved in this male practice to the police and investigation agencies.
Management of AIMMS Islamabad